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Bye Bye Symphony;

You were the soundtrack to my life

s h o t s o f v o d k a
adam being on top, adam lambert, adam lamberts penis, african-american-breasts, being ontop, berts penis, bitchwhore, bongs, bowls, buffalo food, cisgender-lol-srsly, computers, crazy-scottsmen-except-not, cruel intentions, davids penis too, dominos, downtown buffalo, drinking, faghagging lol, foxy shazam, ftm, gay boys, gay sex, gumbo, hating kfc, haydens ass, haydens penis, ho, homosexable, homosexual sex, i love lamp, i-dont-fag-hag-bitch-wtf-you-talking-about, iphones-even-though-they-suck-dick, kitties, lady gagas penis, laptop, mighty taco, moar kitties, montreal, mtf, n00ds, naked pictures, negrochesticles, niggerslut, niggertits, nightehfaice-lol-no-jk;)-or-am-i, peni, penis, penises, penises-that-are-homosexual, quinns penis, quinns-dick-in-berts-ass, qwert, sex, smoking-weed-but-not-as-good-as-hayden-can, strawberry lube, subs, telly belly smelly, the used, transgender, travelling, your mom